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A Place To Sit and Eat

Despite my previous post there will be no walnut patches on the table top.   I ended up covering that with a cherry patch, I didn’t like the way the walnut was such a stark contrast with the cherry.  I did however add a few more cherry patches to cover some blemishes and hold some cracks together.

After the table top was finished and all the patches were  in place I started with painting the base. I chose a milk paint in “snow white”.

After the first coat it was looking pretty ghostly but after two more coats it was looking great.   The milk paint was easy to mix and went on fairly smooth.   There were a few clumps here and there but it wasn’t too much of an issue.

The top was finished with Tried and True varnish oil and then a coat of Minwax furniture wax.


And there it is, all finished and sitting in our dining room.  The top is held on by buttons that slide into 1/4″ slots in the end braces and are secured to the top with screws.

Now on to the next project.  You may remember quite some time ago that I was working on a bed, well that got put on hold for a bathroom renovation, then a table and then a baby.  But now it’s time to revisit it and get it done, so stay tuned.

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The trestle table top has a few cracks and blemishes that I will be throwing some patches on.  There is nothing major, just a little preventative maintenance, plus they look pretty cool.

Maple Scoop



A hand screw clamp held vertically in a vise holds the odd shaped piece and raises to a better working height for easier shaping and sanding.imageSome Tried and True linseed oil to finish it off.

bjj4life-Support a Good Cause

I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about ten months now and I’ve fell in love with it.   During that time I’ve met some amazing and talented people, my instructor Mark Stan being one of them. Unfortunately Mark’s little boy Jake is fighting a rare form of cancer.  In order to help with the mounting medical bills our friend from class put together a site that will be raffling off BJJ gi’s and other cool stuff, all proceeds will go to Mark and his family to help pay for Jake ‘s medical bills. If you don’t train or know someone who does train don’t worry you can always sell it on eBay (most of the high quality gi’s sell from $150 – $200) or send it to me as a gift ;-). Anyway it would really be appreciated and I’d think you were pretty cool too, thank people!


I’m currently on a mission to make my shop as efficient and a place I enjoy being as much as possible; especially that I’ve been incorporating power tools into my work more and more.  That’s right power tools, as much as I love hand tools, with the limited time I have to get into the shop I’ve just want to make that time as productive as possible.  I enjoy using both hand and power tools so I welcome the change.  Anyway, I spent a little time organizing my work bench.  Now this isn’t the work bench is use for woodworking necessarily, it is kind of my all purpose bench, sometimes its used for glue ups, sharpening or doing household stuff.  I built it about two years ago when I moved into the house which was pretty much when I started to get into woodworking.  The peg board on the backside had so many random tools and other crap on it it was pretty useless. Thus the bit of organizing.


I also started to work on some Christmas gifts for the holidays, with a lot of financial changes around my household in the recent few weeks along with the coming changes ( a baby ), my wife and I are trying to make as many gifts as we can. So here is one of the first ones, a cutting board, it will be an end grain cutting board in the end and my first once at that so lets hope it comes out well.



Well Surprise Surprise…

I was recently surprised by my wife with a 30th birthday party. It was quite a surprise considering it was about a month before my actual  birthday. That being said my wife is currently carrying my offspring in her belly and her (yes we are having a girl) arrival is estimated to be the day after my birthday. Being the most loving and sweetheart of a wife that she is, she didn’t want to deny me a birthday celebration for my glorious coming of age, thus an early birthday celebration. It just so happens a few of my friends pooled there money together to get me a generous Amazon gift card, and with that money I treated my Stanley No. 4 smoothing plane to some new swag, new Hock blade and chip breaker to be more specific. And I couldn’t be more happier with the upgrade, the old chip breaker used to get clogged up despite my efforts to flatten its edge, that along with its chronic chattering and inability to hold an edge, this has solved all the problems and more.  Don’t get me wrong, up until now the ole’ girl has served me well but I’d definitely recommend outfitting an older plane’s you have with a Hock chip breaker/blade combo, you won’t be disappointed.


Music to Woodwork By: No. 2


Artist: For Squirrels

Album: Example

So here we are again, the second monthly installment (about a day short of actually being monthly but give me a break, it was Thanksgiving for crying out loud) of Music To Woodwork By.  I’m also going to add that this music isn’t just to listen to while you woodwork, it’s good for jamming out in your car, cleaning your home or just plain rocking out with your headphones on.

Anyway I just received ‘Example’ in the mail last week.  Turns out it was cheaper to order the physical CD on Amazon than it was to download it, who knew?  Anyway if you’re a child of the 90′s than you may be familiar with For Squirrels already.  They are a 90′s “alternative” band that run along the same lines as R.E.M. and Nirvana, just not as iconic.  After their first and only full length album ‘Example’ the majority of the band members were killed in a car accident.  The album is one that I loved as a kid and since gotten back in touch with, it ranges in sound from heavy to melodic to slow and endearing.  Check it out, unfortunately you won’t be seeing anything new from these guys but if you were/are a fan of Nirvana, Bush, R.E.M or Pearl Jam like I was back in the day it’s worth a listen.  Enjoy!

Getting There

The American Trestle Table base is just about complete.  With the exception of a little bit of clean up and some paint it is finally getting there.  Today I wedged the tenons with two maple wedges and I finally wedged a tenon without splitting it down the rest of the piece, aren’t you proud?!  Of course you are.  The whole process went pretty quickly, the most time consuming part being shaping the wedges with my block plane.  I also used a 1/4″ spiral mortising bit in my router to cut the slots for the buttons that will eventually be used to secure the top to the base.

The wedges in place, you can also see the draw bored saddle joint above that.

The wedges in place, you can also see the draw bored saddle joint above that.


Slot for the buttons.

Slot for the buttons.




A Cherry On Top

I started dimensioning the 4/4 cherry im using for the trestle table let top which brought me to the conclusion that I need bigger clamps, debating whether to invest in some Bessey parallel clamps or go with the cheaper bar clamps.  

57 Kerfs

How many kerf cuts with a back saw does it take to cut out a 19″ long notch? About 57 that’s how many.  Where’s a band saw when you need one?


57 kerfs cut and a sore forearm.


Knocked out with a chisel and ready for the block plane.




And a shop dog shot for good measure.

And a shop dog shot for good measure.


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